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Getting started

To access your Client Portal for the first time, you will need to be registered as a User. Once this process is complete, you will log in directly thereafter.

Please follow these simple steps to register as a User in your new Client Portal. There are two options given below, refer to the invitation email for which option to follow.

Option 1

  1. Click on the link given in the email

  2. Untick the check box for “I'm a Microsoft Office365 Cloud-Based Customer”

  3. Click Register

  4. Enter your password that is associated with your pre-filled email address

  5. Click Register

Option 2

  1. Click on the link given in the email

  2. Click Register

  3. Click Sign In underneath “Cloud Sign In (Option 2)”

  4. Enter your Microsoft login credentials – username and password

  5. Click Sign In

Features Roadmap

We continuously release new features in your dedicated Client Portal to provide insight and enhanced knowledge of your IT environment.

Already on our extensive roadmap for release are:

Release 7


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October 2021

Digital signing and access
to Contracts.

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Release 8


October 2021
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Secure 24/7 access to
your VTS IT product
and services invoices
ensuring your
ATO Compliance..

Embracing the era of digital signatures, VTS IT is excited to release our upcoming Contracts Pane - your digital
window enabling online review, secure electronic signature and storage of your Managed Services Agreements.

  • 24/7 Global availability to your securely stored critical documents
  • Environmentally friendly secure online signing - no paper printing
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Ensuring compliance with the ATO regulations is a critical aspect of any business. The Invoices module provides
simple secure access to all new and historical client tax invoices in one simple and conveniently accessible location.

  • Individual user permission settings – clients choose which users have this access 
  • Securely stored critical documents 
  • 24/7 Global availability 
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Release 9

December 2021

Ensure your business
is at the forefront of
cybersecurity protection!

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) recommends Essential Eight Strategies to Mitigate Cyber Security Incidents.

Security Baseline uses these Essential Eight to provide two ratings as to how protected your business is against ever present cyber threats.

  • Workstation Level – how secure individual devices are. 
  • Business Level – how secure your business is overall.


Released Features

Our released features below are only the beginning.


Release 1


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November 2020

With visibility and transparency paramount to maintaining strong business partnerships, the Client Portal is your window into critical real time data about your IT systems performance.


Release 2

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December 2020

The global business environment in the 2020’s is constantly changing. Continual cyber threats combined with the varied needs of our modern workspace means more stringent controls without sacrificing end user flexibility is essential.

Track the volume and progress of service requests, review your staff satisfaction ratings with ticket resolutions and ensure performance of our promised Service Level Agreement.

The provision of the Client Portal will enable us to further elevate our service levels through more efficient operations and improved responsiveness to your support needs.

Your dedicated Client Portal provides you access to thoroughly review

  • Number of tickets resolved – overall and by user
  • Average resolution time
  • Customer satisfaction scale – overall and by user

The ticketing tracking is only the beginning! As VTS IT rolls out more features in upcoming Client Portal releases, you will be able to follow the progress of your IT from tickets, to devices, financial data and more!

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To maintain your data integrity and security, managing the users in your IT environment has never been more vital. Having this resource available 24/7 informing you of real-time critical end user information, enables you to limit exposure from outdated or non-existent staff lists.

Not only can you ensure only those meant to be in your systems have access, for those clients already working with Microsoft Office 365, this is the essential information required to take advantage of tools boosting productivity and staff work-life balance.

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Release 3

Visibility to view
your entire
Business’s Devices.

January 2021

With the modern workspace evolution spreading our work teams away from the traditional office workstation, it is crucial for your IT environment and the technology hardware within it to be as flexible as you are.

Integrating the Client Portal Authorised User Register to this Device Register will ensure a further security layer as you can ensure only current team members are in possession and use of your hardware assets.

Device information is a powerful tool for any enterprise when managing their IT environment. Information tracking which users are logged in to which device when and from where, which device they’re using and it’s specifications enables you to monitor and manage working patterns, track assets and maintain optimal productivity.


Release 4


February 2021
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A further expansion on the Authorise User Register and Device Register, integrating licensing information with the users and devices gives even further visibility and access to the tools required to enhance your IT management and in turn boost business productivity.

Knowing the applications your team are using for their role, ensuring the correct licences in place, remove unnecessary costs for excess users – moment to moment updated information available to help you manage vital operational aspects of your business.


Release 5


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June 2021

A significant enhancement to the
Ticketing Reports Digital Window Pane
released in 2020, the new interactive
Ticketing Portal interface streamlines
the lodgement, updating and tracking of
IT service requests, conveniently
available 24/7 – wherever you and your
team are worldwide.


Release 6


No image
September 2021

Digitally receive, review and approve your
new hardware and services quotes
through our new Proposals release in your
dedicated Client Portal.

The new Ticketing Portal has been specifically developed to centralise the lodgement and tracking of IT service requests, as well as compiling and maintaining a history for your future review.

The Ticketing Portal will retain an auditable history of tickets lodged - with individual users seeing their tickets only, and managers able to review all tickets for the business.

Using the Ticketing Portal digital interface enables your team to:

  • Create and submit IT service request tickets
  • Track the ongoing progress of the ticket
  • Provide further information and receive updates from the Technical Team
  • Review completed requests

VTS IT is dedicated to improving the client experience through simplified and convenient systems whilst maximising the visibility and transparency of our service offering.

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The Client Portal now brings you the Proposals Pane designed to make the quoting process a breeze!

  • Review and approve your new quotes quickly and easily
  • Access your historical quotes
  • Environmentally friendly online signing - no paper printing
  • 24/7 Global availability to your securely stored documents
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About our Portal

Visibility and transparency are key aspects of strong business partnerships.

As your IT Business Partner, we are continuously seeking new ways to not only enhance your IT experience, but to also provide you the tools and assistance to facilitate improving your business productivity, efficiency and in turn profitability.

Each release will provide a further layer of visibility to enhance the security and integrity of your confidential business data. For more information and to stay up to date with our upcoming releases, please visit your new Client Portal!

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Client Portal is not supported on Mobile.

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Please contact your Service Provider for more information.